By Charlene Coleman, MD of HP|konnect • August 6, 2018

What Did She Just Say?

Over the last few months, I’ve said a lot. You could argue that I’ve not stopped talking (which seems like a fair and accurate description of me my whole life.) It’s not just me, though! Candidates and clients have said things to me. I’ve said things to you. You’ve talked back to me, and we’ve found ourselves in the flow of conversation. I’ve learnt a tremendous amount, and in doing so, I hope I’ve been able to share my knowledge with you.

I wanted to take this opportunity to grab a glass of wine (you should grab one too), sit down, and reflect a little bit on some of the things we’ve been talking about. And if you weren’t around for every blog in this series, consider this your SparkNotes. I'm essentially the girl whos notes you copied at school.


I talked about remote workers…

How the shift to remote working is taking over the tech world and more and more talent demands the ability to work remotely as a standard. I also discussed how cost-effective it can be for your teams, and how the best talent are remote these days. Some people then said these things:

"As a product owner, the best team I had, in terms of efficiency and reliability, were the remote ones." (Python Developer)

"I’ve spent over seven years working remotely and am a strong advocate that it can be done successfully." (Resourcing specialist) 

  • "At critical moments people can pick up the phone and ring the remote person. 
  • No difference to walking over to their desk." (Software Engineer)


I also talked about retaining your technology talent…

Because retention is possibly harder than hiring, and employee engagement is a mixture of science and alchemy. After talking to my technology candidates, I spoke about why they leave and passed on some of their suggestions to keep them on the right side of your business. You all had lots to say about that:

"The key retention factor for us is our clear focus on social value and flexible working around family life. We rarely lose anyone from our team because we are working together to change the way communities think and operate." (CEO and Founder)

"I totally agree. I help many startups and other companies create exactly this kind of organisational context and strategies to help retain talent." (CEO and Founder)

‘Very true, we’re on a mission to change this.’ (Founder)


I talked a lot about what techies really want…

I always think that finding out what people want is a kind of magic dust in itself, and for the most part, we don’t do it enough. So I spent a lot of time finding this out, and then I told you, and you told me some things back:

"I wholeheartedly concur with your comments that continuing education is primarily what motivates us techies." (Anonymous)

  • "We definitely want remote working and culture for sure." (Software developer)
  • "Well said, transfer the skills in business" (Solution Architect)

I also talked about salary negotiations, balancing work and home, and how we become holiday destinations for technology talent. The conversations have always been enlightening, and after years of working in this sector, I find that I’m always still learning and discovering more. It feels a lot like a second education, and in the same moment, I’m glad that I’m part of an industry that never stops moving and requires my constant evolvement.

If there’s anything that you would like to talk about, just hit reply to this email and I’ll do all I can to include it in the next blog series. Unless it's about your latest summer holiday, but in all honesty, I’m up for talking about that too.

Until the next one,